An app for parents to manage their kid's screen time usage

Do your kids play on their smartphones when they should be doing homework or going to bed? Do you notice kids playing on their mobile devices at play dates instead of playing with each other? All parents suffer the battle of screen time vs real life.

What is Squish?

Squish is a tool to help parents manage their children’s time spent online. You can monitor daily usage time, see which apps your child is spending their time on and block apps you don’t want your child to use.

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Control Device Usage

Set daily time limit. Automatically locks device when kids reach time limit.

Remote Lock

Is your child misbehaving or ignoring your call that dinner is ready? Then you can simply lock your child’s device with the remote control feature and unlock it again when you think it’s a suitable time. You’re in control!

Blocked Apps

Are there certain apps you don’t want your child to be able to use at all? No problem! Just check the apps in the list of installed apps and they will not be able to open them.

You can also decide if there are some apps that you want to allow unlimited access to. For example, you may want to allow unlimited access to apps your children use for their homework or the calendar app to plan their day and week.

Track Device Usage

Keep track of which apps they use and for how long. Helps parents stay in touch with their children’s online activity.

Reward Device Usage Time

Has your child done the chores you asked him or her to do? Did he or she do something today that you feel you would like to reward with some extra screen time? You can at any time add extra device usage time in the app by just logging into the app and clicking on Add Time in Settings.